Mercator Advisory Group Announces Advisory Service Shift from International to Global Payments

by Tristan Hugo-Webb 0

As a leading source of payment industry-related marketresearch around the world, Mercator Advisory Group is happy to announcethe name change of our International Payments Advisory Service (IPAS) to theGlobal Payments Advisory Service (GPAS). The shift from “international” to“global” may seem small but is significant because it highlights MercatorAdvisory Group’s commitment to providing members of the service with a holisticoverview of global payment markets, technologies, emerging players, andregulations.

Mercator Advisory Group has long provided leading multinational paymentindustry market research. Renaming the Global Payments Advisory Service

demonstratesthe company’s commitment to covering the growing globalization of the paymentsindustry in that service and the firm’s other advisory services.

As associate director of the Global Payment Advisory Service

, Iaim continue to provide members of the service with in-depth and influentialmarket research to assist in the strategic planning of new payment technologiesand products for the global consumer and business base. I look forward to newand ongoing discussions with members regarding the name change and my existingand future research.


Tristan Hugo-Webb
Associate Director
Global Payments Advisory Service

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