Mastercard's 'Overwhelming' App

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

In an effort to build usage of itsMobile MarketPlace personal shopping mobile platform, as well as payment volumeon its issuers’ cards, MasterCard announced the launch of its new OverwhelmingOffers program. Users are presented with one time-limited retail purchaseoffer daily, a strategy sure to train users to check their message queues dailyfor an attractive offer from MasterCard.

“Thisis the virtual equivalent of a ‘Black Friday’ sale; where after Thanksgiving yourush to the store to get the deep discounts,” says Andrea Gilman, a seniorbusiness leader for MasterCard, about the firm’s new Overwhelming Offers iPhoneapp. “Now you can get that discount on the mobile phone.”

Users access Overwhelming Offers through MasterCard’smobile MarketPlace, a personalized shopping platform. The Overwhelming Offergoes out each weekday at noon ET, and is discounted (usually about 50 percentfrom a partner retailer) for a limited time and quantity; and requires a userpurchase reservation. Examples include netbooks for $150, digital cameras at$100 off and $100 gift certificates for $50. The early offers have typicallysold out quickly.

Currently supportedon the iPhone and iPad platforms, the program holds long term potential forprecision targeting of offers based on transaction history or geographic proximity.

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