MasterCard and Intel Collaborate on Secure e-Commerce

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Bringing strong multi-factor authentication to e-commerce transactions is highly desirable. With keylogging and screen capture snapping malware out there, it’s all too easy to harvest the 16 digit credit card number, and all the other personal data, from a compromised PC. Intel and MasterCard are teaming up on a long-term collaboration to combine MasterCard PayPass devices – smartphones and contactless cards – with hardware built into Intel’s leading reference design for fast, lightweight PCs. The Intel hardware includes NFC capability plus its identity protection technology, a scheme to defeat malware.

If we can “tap” our authentication tools – be they card or smartphone – at the POS as well as on our tablets or PCs, we now have hardware-based security when initiating payments and that’s a big step forward. The scheme could also be used for secure login to Web services without the need for remembering and changing passwords. That would be a real step forward.

The collaboration will combine MasterCard’s expertise in payment processing and commerce with Intel’s strengths in silicon innovation and chip-based security. It is designed to provide more options for a safer and simpler checkout process for online merchants and consumers using Ultrabook™ devices and future generations of Intel-based PCs.

The two companies are working together to optimize a variety of emerging payments technologies, including MasterCard’s PayPass® and Intel® Identity Protection Technology (IPT). Intel® Identity Protection Technology can enable consumers to use strong two-factor authentication and hardware-based display protection. This provides increased online security against malware. Additionally, when used with an Intel® Identity Protection Technology-enabled reader, consumers will be able to pay for online purchases with a simple tap of their PayPass-enabled card, tag, or smart phone on an Ultrabook device.

“Our goal is to enable users of Ultrabook devices and future generations of Intel-based PCs to enjoy the convenience of e-commerce while making online payments safer from malware and hackers with the advanced security capabilities of Intel Identity Protection Technology,” said George Thangadurai, general manager of PC Client Services Division, Intel Corporation. “Online commerce is a key focus area for Intel, and through this partnership with MasterCard, we intend to deliver an innovative, personalized and safer e-commerce experience to consumers.”

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