Manx Prepaid Program Manager Intercash Launches “Merchant” Prepaid Product

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Merchants seeking to issue co-branded prepaid cards now have a low-cost, multi-currency card processing option with “Intercash Zero.” Isle of Man-based Intercash is offering no upfront and no setup costs for merchants issuing Intercash’s prepaid MasterCard product. The prepaid program is targeting cash management functions at global businesses that need to make multi-currency payments to “cardholders” – presumably employees of the business, or enrollees in corporate or consumer incentive programs.

“With the growth of prepaid card services, Intercash has decided to bring a unique twist to the industry, by providing a new level of quality service to our merchants. In addition to global card issuing, multiple currency support, and instant payments, our merchants now have the option to have a payment solution with zero upfront investment. Merchants no longer have to worry about minimum card orders as there’s no card purchase required.” said Patrick Seguev CEO of Intercash. He went on to explain that the Intercash ZERO program will give companies added flexibility when it comes to delivering prepaid cards to their clients.

Intercash’s “Pays2Ways” program enables instant authorization on deposits and withdrawals. This system allows merchants to pay cardholders and also receive deposits, all through Intercash’s proprietary online banking platform. With this, merchants will have a lower cost and instant settlement to their merchant account. In addition, the “Pays More Ways” feature, allows cardholders to withdraw funds to their Intercash card from any site, similar to how an E-Wallet functions.

“By introducing our Intercash ZERO program, we’re hoping to introduce the ease and benefit of prepaid payment solutions to companies that have otherwise been discouraged by setup fees and large upfront commitments. Now any company worldwide with any form of client base that requires payments could benefit from the ease of use by way of prepaid cards.” added Seguev. With the rapid growth of the prepaid industry, Intercash has positioned themselves as global leaders and are now accessible to a larger range of companies.

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