M-Com Offers Hosted Mobile Banking for Fiserv Customers(2)

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

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Outsourcingnew customer service channels like mobile banking lets the smaller institutionfocus on business while adding necessary capability. Mobile banking is acompetitive necessity but it does not have a revenue component to pay itsway. Shared infrastructure, simple deployment and fast time to market arewhat M-Com offers here. The hosted approach is gaining adherents forthose reasons.

M-Com, a longstanding partnerwith Fiserv for mobilebanking software, announced today that it can host mobile banking for Fiservcustomers as an application service provider. The service is said to plugeasily into Fiserv’s core banking software. It’s geared primarily towardcommunity banks and credit unions, although Serge van Dam, head of marketing,says one top 100 bank is using it.”

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