Low-Dollar Rewards May Strengthen Employee Loyalty, But Employers are Doing It Less

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Parago released a survey of employees (although number of employees surveyed and demographics were not divulged) suggesting that even a small employee gift can strengthen loyalty. Parago announced:

“… new research that indicates that even a small token of appreciation goes a long way to keep employees motivated and feeling appreciated and loyal to their employers. In fact, 64% said a prepaid card of $50 or less would meet their expectations for an end-of-year reward, with 55% expecting $25.”

Amongst other findings, it appears employees have low expectations for the holidays when it comes to their employers:

“Holiday incentives are not expected this year: 69% of employees do not expect their employers to give end-of-year rewards or holiday gifts this year, with the main reasons being lower company profits, missed quotas, lack of appreciation for employees or the fact that their company does not normally give out holiday rewards.

Rewards will boost morale: 81% of employees said a reward would make them feel either appreciated, motivated to work harder or more loyal to the company. 79% of employees said that receiving an end-of-year reward would mean that they had done a great job and worked hard or that their employer appreciates and/or values them.”

Mercator Advisory Group research suggests employees know their employers all too well, in that the Prepaid Employee & Partner Incentive segment has seen growth wither from double digits to single digits in the last few years.

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