LevelUp Launches First Custom-Branded Solution

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

LevelUp has released its first white-labeled app, enabling consumers to use LevelUp at Sweetgreen’s 16 Washington, D.C.-area locations. In addition to the standard payment and loyalty services LevelUp provides in its own app, the customized app also enables customers to enter their Sweetgreen loyalty card number, food allergies, and to earn status tiers after crossing spending thresholds.

Sweetgreen’s app is named Sweetgreen Rewards, and it is supported by both iOS and Android devices. To support the new application, Sweetgreen will be launching a 72-hour promotion it is describing as a “credit card diet.”

From The Next Web:

For 72 hours, the chain of restaurants will accept payments only by cash or LevelUp, thereby “eliminating the need to pay credit card processing fees.” It’s all a bit silly, admittedly, but it does highlight the growth and adoption in mobile payment technology.

LevelUp is in the process of developing a number of white-labeled apps, including one for First Trade Union Bank, scheduled to be released in early 2013. These customized apps are an important step for LevelUp. While small, single location merchants will be interested in accepting a LevelUp-branded mobile payment solution, bigger merchants, such as the 16-location Sweetgreen, will generally be looking for something that enables them to develop their own brand. These white-label apps enable LevelUp to use the same payments platform to provide merchants the opportunity to offer their customers an experience unique to their particular locations. This will enable LevelUp to move beyond its current base of small, local merchants.

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