Judge Gleeson Allows Merchant Discount Litigation to Continue

by Michael Misasi 0

U.S. District Judge John Gleeson is back in the news. Last week, he decided not to dismiss lawsuits against Visa and MasterCard, which were filed by merchants that opted out of the previous antitrust settlement.

Judge Gleeson said his decision was, “in large part driven by the requirement that I accept all well-pleaded factual allegations as true,” because the cases were in the early stages of litigation. It isn’t a ruling on the merits of the complaints, according to a Bloomberg article.

Merchants and card networks have been locked in litigation for years regarding actions taken as far back as when the networks were still owned by their bank members. This decision by Judge Gleeson ensures that the disputes will continue. As expected, the networks are disappointed.

“We’re not seeking an unfair tactical advantage, we’re seeking finality,” said Michael Shuster, a lawyer for Visa, during a hearing last week.

Overview by Michael Misasi, Senior Analyst, Credit Card Advisory Services

To read the full story, go to Bloomberg.

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