iZettle Runs Into Problems With Visa Europe

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

iZettle, a smartphone-based mobile card acceptance provider similar to Square in the US, has been running pilots in multiple European markets. But the company hit a road bump Tuesday when Visa Europe told it to stop processing Visa cards on its platform.

A Visa Europe spokesperson said the company supports new types of acceptance devices, but iZettle “does not currently meet our standard acceptance device requirements.”

Visa Europe is a separate entity from Visa Inc., which covers all markets except Europe. Visa Inc. has significant investments in Square, according to new reports. At the same time, MasterCard has investments in iZettle.

iZettle’s CEO Jakob de Geer says Visa Europe’s decision is not driven by Visa Inc’s interest in Square, “I think people are linking these together but it doesn’t have anything to do with the Square investment.”

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