Isis Reports Pilot Doing Well

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Despite some delays with its pilot in Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City, Isis reports active users of its mobile wallet are using it five or more times a week.

From Mobile Commerce Daily:

“What we are seeing in terms of the consumers’ willingness to take on the product despite the fact that it is new and innovative and nothing like they have ever experienced has been good,” said Jim Stapleton, chief sales officer at Isis.

“What we are seeing is once they leave the store, they are also engaging with those merchants,” he said. “Greater than 65 percent of them are following merchants.

The pilot appears to have overcome the initial problems it had when it first started, mainly that some merchants were clueless about the pilot and did not know they were a participating business.

Isis followed in Google Wallet’s footsteps and offered consumers an incentive for adding the wallet to their phones and went a step better. Isis loads $10 into the account connected to the wallet for each new user and adds an additional $15 if that user links a funding source to the account. Isis’ reported numbers suggest users continued to use the wallet even after the free money was gone and that bodes well for the future.

Still, it’s unclear how well Isis will do when it eventually expands the pilot to other cities. Keep in mind Salt Lake City has an open-fare transit collection system, which helps drive use. Austin is a tech-savvy city where new, and really novel, technology fare well. Isis can keep its initial numbers strong in cities such as San Francisco, New York, and the Boston area which has a heavy student population. LevelUp, a mobile payments and wallet provider, is based in Boston and plays well in the area.

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