IP assets of market-proven contactless transaction company Helexion brought to market by Metis Partners

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The internationalpatent and extensive software portfolio behind one of the best known developersof contactless transaction technology is being brought to the global market byMetis Partners, the award winning commercial intellectual property consulting firm.

The IntellectualProperty (IP) assets of Helixion Limited (in Liquidation) (Helixion), thecompany responsible for the creation of a number of mobile Near FieldCommunication (NFC) solutions are being offered for sale and significantinterest is anticipated from the payment processing, mobile technology andsoftware development sectors. The joint liquidators of the company are BlairNimmo and Gerald Friar of KPMG and they have appointed Metis Partners to offerthe IP assets for sale.

Founded in 2002,Helixion Limited was a leading expert in developing innovative solutions forsecure contactless transactions in a mobile environment. The company hadfocused solely on contactless transactions since 2009 and had over 100customers, including multinational corporate entities including EncartaWorldwide and Vodafone.

The main brandfor Helixion is the ‘lok’ family of products, with lok-MPL being the platformproviding fully supported MasterCard and Visa contactless transactions. Also onoffer from Metis Partners is the lok-Framework, a testing platform which can beused to analyse the reliability, security, and consistency of any contactlessmobile payment ecosystem, as well as the Secure Wallet.

By 2025, PaymentsUK predicts that 25.45% of all transactions will be contactless. This putsHelixion’s proven products and reputation in commercial context, and places theCompany’s technology in prime position.

The company isrenowned for its two established and distinct brands – the ‘lok’ ecosystem ofproducts, and the corporate brand, Helixion, which has received positive mediaattention in a range of business and trade publications. The lok brand is knownand used by banks, mobile network operators and other service providersthroughout Europe.

Morven Fraser, ofMetis Partners, who is co-ordinating the marketing drive, said: “This sale iscertain to attract a high degree of interest from those in the softwaredevelopment or mobile device industries.

“Anyone who islooking to expand product portfolios, or diversify their offerings will be veryinterested in this offering. The company’s reputation and goodwill representthe kind of significant asset that rarely appears on the market.

“A fullydeveloped and market proven systems of products is the centrepiece of thisoffering, however, with seven registered trade marks, five unregistered trademarks, and a world-wide patent portfolio, we at Metis are confident of securinga successful sale.”

The IP assets forsale include trade secrets, proprietary software – including lok-MPL and thelok-framework, seven registered trademarks, patent applications, organisationalknowledge, website content and domain names.

This offering reinforces Metis Partners’ expertise and reputationin the software and mobile technology sectorswith recent successful sales projects including those of Matchchat, Ekos Global, and Blinkbox.

All offersshould be submitted directly to Morven Fraser of Metis Partners by noon onWednesday 28 June 2017.

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