Intuit Enables Independent Developers To Interact with Financial Data Sources

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Intuit has committed itself more wholly to supporting innovation in personal financial services. It hopes to stimulate development of new personal financial management applications, in part by its decision to open up access to its outstanding collection of links to financial data services. Those links allow individual users of Intuit’s applications to establish online access to their account information from most major American financial services providers. Allowing additional develoipers to leverage this massive data integration resource will greatly facilitate the development of new potential solutions.

According to Investor’s Business Daily:

Third-party developers who use Intuit’s financial data service will have access to the same data engine that powers Intuit’s, Quicken, QuickBooks Online and FinanceWorks products as well as financial data from more than 19,000 financial services organizations.

This allows such developers and technology providers to offer their customers access to their own financial data from a large number of personal and business banking, brokerage and investment accounts in the U.S. that are tied to Intuit’s financial data service.”

Intuit reports that the open APIs will begin to be available to developers in October of this year. Developers who seek approval to access the data sources will be vetted by Intuit, which will charge tiered pricing for access to the API.

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