Interview With Wells Fargo on Effective Distribution Strategies

by Edward O'Brien 0

A Wells Fargo executive shares his thoughts on serving the retail banking customer across channel and service continuums.

While most retail banks are closing branches and reducing staff, Wells Fargo continues to improve customer satisfaction, growth, and operational efficiency in its physical channels. Why is Wells Fargo doing things differently and succeeding? How does Wells Fargo’s retail banking strategy shape your store and ATM service model? Jonathan Velline, Executive Vice President of Wells Fargo, discusses Wells Fargo’s overall retail, branch and ATM strategy in an interview with Jim DeLapa, CEO of Kiran Analytics.

The banking customer is truly top-of-mind with banks and credit unions today. Such concepts as customer empowerment, customer satisfaction, and customer experience are driving many of the key executive decisions in banking, particularly in such areas as in omnichannel and digital banking. Progressive leaders are introducing innovations in all channels, allowing customers and members to bank when, where, and how they wish.

Overview by Ed O’Brien, Director, Banking Channels Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group

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