Infosys Prepares to Succeed Despite Restrictions on US Work Visas

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

In the faceof continued high US unemployment, outsourcer Infosys Technologies is workingon a delivery strategy to reduce its use of non-American employees fordevelopment efforts.

In the year endedMarch 2010, Infosys reported that 53% of revenues were derived from projectsstaffed “offshore” vs. 47% staffed “on-site.”

Accordingto a report in Business Standard, “The Bangalore-headquartered company says itis capable of increasing its offshore utilisation capabilities to 95 per cent.It said the intent was to prepare the company to face an extreme situationshould negative sentiment brewing in the US intensify further.”

Infosys intends to increase itsusage of technologies such as videoconferencing to maintain adequate clientcontacts despite the complexity of managing more people situated remote fromthe client.

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