InComm To Sell Gift Cards in New Jersey Again

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Prepaid card distributor InComm announced that it plans to continue selling gift cards in New Jersey while working to have a temporary change in the state’s gift card law made permanent. A bill signed into law last month imposed a four-year moratorium on collecting zip codes when gift card were sold.

“We plan to continue selling gift cards in New Jersey indefinitely as long as there is no requirement to collect consumer data at the point of sale,” said Brooks Smith, President and CEO of InComm. “That new bill signed into law places a moratorium on the collection of consumer data for four years, which would expire in 2016. InComm intends to spend the next four years working to have any such data collection requirement permanently removed from the law.”

There is no word yet on whether Blackhawk Network or American Express plan to also return to the state. Although this round has gone to the retailers, the delay for implementation may ultimately become a problem for retailers, since the urgency of the situation has disappeared and any final change may be lost amid other priorities.

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