InComm Takes Its Distribution Model to Brazil in Partnership with Unik

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

InComm, one of the major prepaid card distributors and gift card mall operators in the United States, announced May 17 that it has entered an agreement with Brazilian payments processor Unik to offer its services in Brazil. The move expands InComm’s considerable international business. The company currently has offices in Australia/New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

By partnering with a leading organization already connected to Brazil’s top retail and point-of-sale systems providers, InComm expects to gain local support from a company with years of success in the Brazilian payments market and to make it even easier for the Brazilian retailers to implement InComm’s patented point-of-sale activation technology. The companies and local retailers that process their prepaid cards with Unik will be able to create and distribute gift cards to their own stores as well as to InComm’s retail partner stores.

The move illustrates how prepaid card providers all over the world are looking for new opportunities to find volume and additional sales channels. By offering point of sale activation, InComm provides security and a way to sell cards through a third party. The partnership with Unik will simplify its entrance to the market by allowing integration to the local networks and helping build partnerships. For more on taking a prepaid program into new countries, please see the Mercator Report: “Going Global: Taking Prepaid Processing Abroad.”

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