InComm Enables Visa ReadyLink for Prepaid Reloads at Walmart

by Ben Jackson 0

Prepaid card distributor InComm has announced that it hasadded VisaReadyLink to Walmart’s Rapid Reload network for prepaid cards, whichmeans that cardholders can reload cash to their cards at Walmart registers.

Walmart’s Rapid Reload serves amultitude of GPR cards and prepaid programs, empowering millions of customerswith the ability to reload their cards with a simple swipe directly at theregister, eliminating the need for a multi-step process of purchase andsubsequent redemption of a separate reload pack. Visa ReadyLink serves over 100prepaid programs, which will further expand Walmart’s Rapid Reload consumerbase. For customers, the launch will enable them to add funds to their cardsusing cash or check for a $3.74 reload fee.

Being able to easily add funds to a prepaid card isimportant for extending card life and making the cards more valuable to users.By enabling cash and check reloads at a location where many people alreadyshop, InComm is increasing the convenience of the cards for the users. InCommbenefits from the additional business. Walmart benefits from the additionalfoot traffic. And Visa benefits from increased use of its systems.

Overview by Ben Jackson, Director, Prepaid Advisory Service for Mercator Advisory Group

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