In-Q-Tel Brings Tyfone’s Mobile Technology to U.S. Government

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Mobile innovator Tyfone has signed a strategic agreement with In-Q-Tel, a nonprofit organization dedicated to indentifying innovative technology solutions that could be used to support the U.S. government. In-Q-Tel primarily intends to use Tyfone’s products surrounding mobile security and NFC to meet the needs of many government challenges.

From a joint press release:

Said Dr. Siva Narendra, CEO and co-founder of Tyfone, “Our platform includes high volume manufactured hardware that brings smartcard security and NFC to virtually any mobile phone, tablet or PC. In addition, our mobile platform’s software has processed over 7 million secure financial transactions, and we look forward to extending it to IQT’s government customers.”

This serves as another example of the parallel between the payments industry and government work. Few industries handle the type of sensitive information managed within both payments and government, and as such, companies able to provide security on one side can often find opportunities on the other.

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