ICBA Camden Fine Announces 2018 Retirement

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Third-generation community bankerRebeca Romero Rainey named successor

Washington, D.C. (May 3, 2017)Camden R. Fine, the longtime president and CEO of the IndependentCommunity Bankers of America® (ICBA), today announced his plans to retire inMay 2018. Concurrent with his retirement announcement, ICBA Chairman ScottHeitkamp, president and CEO of ValueBank Texas, announced that the ICBAExecutive Committee has named Rebeca Romero Rainey, a third-generation community banker, asFine’s successor. Romero Rainey is owner, chairman and CEO of Centinel Bank ofTaos, N.M., and ICBA immediate past chairman.

Fine, a native Missourian and longtime community banker and bank owner beforecoming to ICBA in May 2003, announced to more than 1,000 bankers at the 2017ICBA Capital Summit that he would step down on his 15th anniversary on May 5,2018. Fine emphasized that he will remain fully engaged as ICBA CEO over thenext year.

Fine, who has been named a Top Lobbyist by The Hill newspaper for nineconsecutive years, said he is proud of his accomplishments through the years,including waging a campaign to prevent Wal-Mart from receiving a bank charter,raising the limit on FDIC insurance to $250,000, making FDIC insurance assessmentsmore equitable for community banks, and, most importantly, ensuring thatcommunity bankers have a seat at every table in Washington—at the White House,with congressional leaders and with agency heads.

Romero Rainey thanked Fine for his service to ICBA and the nation’s communitybanks and said that she was honored and humbled to have been asked by theExecutive Committee to succeed Fine next year. Romero Rainey said that duringthe coming year she looks forward to making the transition to Washington, D.C.,with her family.

Romero Rainey has served ICBA and the community banking industry for more than15 years. She is ICBA’s immediate past chairman and has held the positions ofchairman of the Federal Delegate Board and of the Minority Bank Council. Shehas served on the FDIC Community Bank Advisory Committee and the Kansas CityFederal Reserve Community Depository Institution Advisory Council. At the statelevel, she is the past president and a current board member of the IndependentCommunity Bankers of New Mexico and has received the New Mexico Governor’saward for Outstanding Women.

Romero Rainey is a graduate of the Wellesley College in Massachusetts and thePacific Coast School of Banking.

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