Harland Financial Joins P2P Market

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

P2P payments, between individuals and even between accounts at different institutions, are still neither ubiquitous nor speedy. But using an electronic means to replace cash or paper checks is desirable and solution providers to financial institutions understand that. At the BAI show now underway, Harland Financial announced its entry into the P2P market with its Direct Payment Exchange offering. With so many potential clients, the offering could scale up quickly.

The Direct Payment Exchange provides a common P2P platform for the companies’ 11,000 plus clients, facilitating lower cost movement of money while providing a more convenient enrollment process for consumers wishing to use the network’s DPXPay(TM) desktop or mobile solution.

DPXPay will enable financial institutions to offer their account holders the ability to send and request electronic payments to and from another person using only their e-mail address or mobile phone number. In addition, consumers can use DPXPay for account to account (A2A) transfers between accounts they hold at different institutions. Not only will this offering satisfy consumer requests for easier and more secure methods to send and receive money, it has the potential to generate profitable, transaction-based revenue for the institution.

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