Handshake Certifies B2B Commerce Platform for Intuit QuickBooks Online

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Seamless integration helps manufacturers anddistributors running their business on Intuit QuickBooks Online boost B2B salesand back office efficiency

New York, N.Y. – December 7, 2016 – Handshake, a leader in B2B Commerce technology formanufacturers and distributors, today announced that it has been certified for Intuit QuickBooks Online, the cloud version of Intuit’s popularaccounting software, with over 1.5 million users. As part of thiscertification, Handshake’s mobile order writing and B2B eCommerce solutionshave been listed in the Intuit QuickBooks App Store.

Small and medium-sized manufacturers and distributors still oftenrely on handwriting and other inefficient manual methods such as faxes, phonecalls, and emails to write and submit orders that are then manually enteredinto their financial systems.

“Prior to Handshake, our customers would call or email us forinformation and to submit orders. We would have to write the order down andthen manually enter it into QuickBooks Online,” said Jeremy Potvin, co-founderof World of Angus, a pet clothing and accessory product company. “It took a lotof time and manpower and there were always delays and errors.”

By digitizing the order writing and submission process with itsmobile field sales app, Handshake helps over a thousand small and medium-sizedbusinesses increase the productivity of their sales reps at trade shows and onthe road. Handshake’s out-of-the-box integration to QuickBooks Online givesthese businesses, still burdened by paper and data entry, the ability to writeorders electronically and have them instantly sync to QuickBooks. Theintegration also provides sales reps with access to real-time data about theircustomers, product catalog, and orders.

In addition, Handshake supports the profitable expansion ofmanufacturers and distributors through a simple and intuitive B2B eCommerceportal, allowing them to reach retailers and other business buyers at scale.The self-service buying experience is tailored specifically for B2B commerce,but offers an experience on par with the most popular eCommerce websites andmobile apps.

The cloud-to-cloud integration between Handshake and QuickBooksallows small businesses to deliver to their sales reps and customers thereal-time information they need to make smart and fast ordering decisions.Immediate order sync to the accounting system improves invoice managementefficiency and cash-flow, shortens order processing times, and eliminatesmanual processes that result in order errors.

“We rely on QuickBooks Online and Handshake working togetherperfectly to run our business in real-time,” said Potvin, of World of Angus.“Adopting Handshake has allowed us to improve order management efficiency,while growing our business by reaching new customers and selling more toexisting ones.”

“Sales initiatives, order management andaccounting processes go hand-in-hand for small and medium-sized manufacturersand distributors. Our customers rely on our mobile-first B2B Commerce platformto not only provide superior ordering experiences for sales reps and customers,but also make it easy for their back office to manage orders,” said GlenCoates, CEO of Handshake. “Integrating with QuickBooks combines top bookkeepingtechnology with our leading order management system to automate data flow andbusinesses processes. Through these efforts we are excited to increase salesmomentum and speed up order to cash for both Handshake and QuickBooks users.”

For more information on Handshake’s integration with QuickBooks,visit https://www.handshake.com/integration/QuickBooks

About Handshake

Founded in 2010, Handshake provides the B2B Commerce platform formanufacturers and distributors that powers standout ordering experiences bothin-person and online. Companies using Handshake transform their saleseffectiveness and drive operational efficiency, delighting customers andgrowing lasting relationships. The Handshake Rep mobile app allows sales teamsto write orders faster and gives them the product and customer information theyneed to have more strategic customer conversations. Handshake Direct is acustom B2B e-commerce portal that complements field sales reps by providingcustomers the convenience of 24×7 ordering and product education. For moreinformation, visit https://www.handshake.com/.

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