Hackers Cash out Directly from ATMs, Don't Need to Steal Your Card First

by Sarah Grotta 0

A new fraud scheme has been reported that can manipulate an ATM though the use of malware to gain quick access to cash. What is different about this specific attack on ATMs is the fact that the scam isn’t initiated by a stolen card and it covers its tracks and makes detection more difficult. This form of ATM fraud that goes by the name GreenDispenser has been found in Mexico and is expected to spread to new geographies:

GreenDispenser needs either physical access to the ATM, but once that’s done, hackers can start collecting cash and even erase their traces. With the program active, the ATM will show an error message that says the machine is out of order.

However, the hacker could easily bypass the error by inserting the proper PIN. Once the PIN is entered, a QR code is displayed on the screen, which the hacker needs to scan with a mobile app to proceed. A second, dynamically-generated PIN is then given, which will let the person at the ATM activate the cash dispenser to take out money. The menu also contains an option to erase the malware in a way that securely wipes it so that security companies won’t be able to recover it.

Overview by Sarah Grotta, Director, Debit Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group

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