Groupon Experiments with Payment Acceptance

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Groupon is rumored to be testing its own payment acceptance service. For small merchants who are successful users of Groupon’s daily deals program, a payment acceptance method that combines voucher redemption could simplify the process and be quite attractive to those merchants. There are plenty of providers of card swipe dongles and the process of merchant aggregation is well understood. Groupon’s service could be a channel for getting innovative software into merchants hands.


Groupon has responded to critics of its “daily deals” business model by launching a suite of small business and promotional tools. Groupon’s latest mobile app includes a live map that updates users with currently available, local promotions. The company also launched an online calendar that lets service providers schedule their voucher redemptions and other services at no charge. A Groupon credit card processing service would enable participating merchants to merge their voucher transactions with other payments, reducing accounting and terminal costs.

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