Groupon Acquires Two Mobile Focused Companies

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Late last week, Groupon acquired both Hyperpublic and Kima Labs in an attempt to improve its mobile capabilities. Hyperpublic provides databases that include information on discounts or sale prices based on location. Developers can then build this information into their apps. Kima Labs has produced two products. The first, TapBuy, aggregates local daily deals (e.g. Groupons) and enables consumers to purchase the deals with a “single touch” feature. The second, Barcode Hero, allows consumers to compare prices on an item by scanning the product’s barcode.

No word on how Groupon will integrate either company into its core daily deal service, though according to a statement on the Barcode Hero site, that app will be wound down almost immediately. In a statement to TechCrunch, Kima said its TapBuy app will be phased out over time as well.

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