GoPago Payment App Gaining Support

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

GoPago has marketed its payment application in the San Francisco area since April. Currently, GoPago has 300 active merchants, and perhaps more importantly, investment funds along with a strategic partnership with JPMorgan Chase. This is one more move in the financial institution’s heavy involvement in the mobile platform’s integration with payments, as Chase also has invested in Square and partnered with NFC-based mobile wallet Isis.

Differentiating itself from other mobile wallets, GoPago offers more than just paying with a mobile device.

From a Technology Review article:

Leo Rocco, GoPago’s founder and CEO, says the service gives users legitimate incentives to take out their phone to pay. “Cash and credit card work just fine. There’s nothing wrong with them. But can you go to a place and say, ‘I’ll have my usual,’ and make that go faster?”

GoPago’s app integrates deals and review features into the payment process, and also includes innovative features such as a mobile storefront where customers can shop and pay for desired items, then pick up their order at the brick-and-mortar location.

GoPago will expand to Chicago, Dallas and New York City later this year.

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