Global Survey Shows 78% of Android Users Would Use Apple Pay Rival

by Tristan Hugo-Webb 0

A new survey with 450 respondents commissioned by Helixion (a leading provider of products, solutions and expertise in contactless transactions) across the UK, US, Australia, Canada and Italy has found that 78% of Android users would use a service similar to Apple Pay if it became available to them. According to Helixion, Australian consumers are the most likely to use a rival Apple Pay service with 83% of Australian consumers indicating such.

Commenting on the results, Helixion said,

“Only time will tell how long it will be before those 78% become actual users. One thing is for sure, mobile payment on Android has strong potential. We believe the results reflect that the appetite for mobile contactless payment is linked to contactless payment usage more generally — Australia and Canada are two of the leading countries when it comes to contactless payment. Apple Pay certainly helps drive awareness of mobile payment, but it seems safe to assume that people paying contactlessly with cards are more likely to do it with mobile.”

While the survey sample is small across five markets, it shows there is at the very least interest globally in the use of mobile payments and for services similar to Apple Pay. However as Helixion rightly points out, interest does not translate to actual users and there is no time table for mobile payments to become a leading payment form factor in any of the aforementioned markets or around the world.

Overview by Tristan Hugo-Webb, Associate Director, Global Payments Innovation at Mercator Advisory Group

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