Giftango Corp. Partners with Vesta Corp. to Protect Virtual Cards Against Fraud

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Giftango Corp., a company that sells a platform to merchants which lets them sell virtual gift cards, announced today that it has partnered with electronic payments company Vesta to protect and indemnify merchants against fraud connected with the sale of gift cards. In the virtual card world, fraud can happen much more quickly than in a physical card world because of the speed of delivery and redemption on virtual cards.

Through the partnership, the Giftango Premium Turnkey solution offers 24/7 call support in multiple languages. When questionable transactions are identified, the user interface provides prompts to assist with the transaction. The merchant pays one flat fee for all services rendered, including: fulfillment of virtual cards, customer service, processor connectivity, payment processing and indemnification from fraudulent transactions.

This kind of protection could make merchants more comfortable with offering virtual cards to their customers.

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