Why Gift Cards are the Best Way to Increase Revenue This Mother’s Day

by Josh McCarter 0

Gift cards

Last year, Americans spent $23.6 billion for Mother’s Day. With the holiday upon is, consumers are running out of time to find the perfect present. But what many don’t remember is that gift cards are the perfect present. In 2017, consumers spent $2.5 billion on gift cards for Mother’s Day. Why? Because it’s a versatile gift that benefits the giver and receiver, and increases foot traffic and revenue for businesses. But for business owners, it’s important to understand how to beat market and sell these cards. Unsure how? Read on for advice.

Gift Cards Are Personable

Gift cards are always a good present, but for Mother’s Day, they are exceptionally special. Mothers always deserve the best, and a personalized gift card checks off all the right boxes. A customized or branded card, especially for this holiday, can go a long way in creating a loyal customer.

While generic cards are a good option to have in stock throughout the year, taking the time to create and offer custom designs for holidays are a plus for customers. Consumers will feel more enticed to buy and gift these cards or certificates if the design shows off your company’s brand, vision or voice.

Promote on Social

In 2017, 81 percent of Americans owned a social media profile, and that number is only going to increase with the amount of social platforms popping up each day.

While you might promote gift cards throughout your location or through newsletters, you’re missing out on a wider audience, one that lives on your social pages. Creating a few highly targeted and promoted posts around your specials and deals can lead to increased foot traffic and in-store revenue.

Even better, running contests on social media can increase user engagement and drive site traffic to your online business. For example, offering a Mother’s day gift set, including gift cards, for the user who shares the most-liked (user-voted) memory of their mother. Or a contest that ties into the vision of your brand can also work.

Just remember, you want to make a splash on social at all times, but Mother’s Day is an easy to way generate page views and an increase in user engagement. It can also help you promote and sell your products or services.

Use Gift Cards to Upsell Products and Services

Gift cards provide the giver and receiver with the added value of having control. The receiver can decide what to spend the funds on, and how much to spend, giving you, as a business owner, the ability to upsell. If a consumer is interested a service you offer, is there a product that can best accompany it? A body lotion that is best following a massage? Or an accessory for a product your consumer just purchased? Consider increasing the total amount of the purchase by touting your products. Chances are, your customer might be new to your location, but can become a regular based on the personalized shopping experience.

While Mother’s Day only comes around once a year, your strategies this time can help for many years to come, and with other holiday prep. Take the time to plan, prepare and execute on any campaigns or promotions ahead of time, ensuring you’re not rushed. Driving gift card sales can be easy, if you identify your goals along the way. Aim high, but set goals that are achievable at every step and for every employee. These tactics can increase your overall revenue and foot traffic in no time.