Get Paid with Receivables, Now in Beta

by Mercator Advisory Group 0 leverages cloud technology by building an online, all the time receivables management system for SMB. Timely and efficient receivables collection couldn’t be more important to these organizations and the solution also offers integrated invoicing through Quickbooks. Receivables provides SMBs and their accountants a simple way to create invoices or sync them from QuickBooks Desktop, send invoices to their customers, send reminders and track payment status. Their customers can view existing and past invoices using a free online portal and pay directly from their bank account. Invoices can be paid directly to the issuer’s bank account at $0.49 per transaction, helping customers alleviate costly credit card merchant fees, eliminating trips to the bank to deposit checks and providing faster access to their funds. Invoiced customers can also send messages to clarify or dispute charges with the user directly within their online portal, maintaining a complete audit trail of vendor-customer communications. Email templates and invoice platforms are customized to include the user’s company logo, and all relevant banking information is retained securely on for future use.

The payments market will continue to see solutions enter the market that are finally cracking the code to delivering more seamless electronic transactions to any size business. This type of solution also serves those SMBs who don’t want to maintain a separate merchant card processing relationship by bundling in fixed fee payment transactions.

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