Flat Rate Mobile Pricing Comes to TSYS

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

ROAM Data has another channel partner using its encrypting card reader that attaches to a smartphone’s audio I/O port in TSYS Merchant Services. Unlike VeriFone, with its more expensive sled and perTSYS swipe transaction fees, TSYS is making the service available as a $5 per month per device upgrade for current customers. All up pricing – predictable, constant, and clear – appears to be winning adherents in the processing community. Sage (see link below) has recently taken a similar approach.

Regional Sales Manager Marc Kenyon commented: “The response to this service has been every positive. For an extra $5 per month our merchants now have the ability to initiate a credit or debit card transaction most anywhere they go without the need to carry a separate wireless credit card machine, or the need to pay for a special wireless data network. Taxi, limo and wrecker companies have been the most enthusiastic industry to use the system so far. Being able to equip every vehicle in an entire fleet with credit card processing at swipe rates for a nominal cost of $5 per month, per vehicle represents an enormous cost and convenience upgrade from previous methods.” The service is available to any new or existing TMS merchant as an add-on service by completion of a simple one page addendum. The swiping device is supplied free of charge by the company.

Read more here: http://technews.tmcnet.com/news/2011…10/5302913.htm

For more information, read the Sage article.

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