FIS Launches Test Solution for Payment Service Providers and Clearing Houses

by Sarah Grotta 0

 As the U.S. payments industry looks to introduce more real time payments (RTP) solutions, and as developers look to add features and functionality to existing product, those solutions will need to be put through their paces to ensure that they work as intended before being launched. Development mistakes can be damaging and costly if not caught early. Recalling a product or fixing a product in production is no fun. FIS is providing an environment to test, validate and retest real time payments solutions. It could be a nice way for FIS to also get an early understanding of development trends. In Finextra today:

The tool runs pre-defined or custom-made test cases in an automated way to avoid human errors, move faster and (re-)run tests whenever required. Moreover, the solution has the power to emulate those elements of the payment chain that are scarce or not available for testing purposes. The solution mirrors e.g. connected banks, clearing houses or real-time accounting systems, making these useful as sparring partners for sending and receiving payment transaction data. It creates an efficient and always-available test ecosystem. The solution is built on field-proven test technology resulting from 20 years of expertise in the fast-paced card payments world.

Key functionalities include:

• Payment generation and validation

• Cross-checks of payments, incoming and outgoing

• Service virtualization

• Automation capabilities

• APIs

Overview by Sarah Grotta, Director, Debit Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group

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