First Data & Bypass Set Up Stadium POS

by Raymond Pucci 0

Seattle football fans can do their own 2 minute drill without facing onrushing linebackers. To the concession stands, that is. First Data is teaming up their Clover platform with Bypass Mobile to launch a streamlined ordering and payment system for hungry and thirsty fans at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field, as the following describes.

First Data (NYSE: FDC), a global leader in commerce enabling technology and Bypass, an innovator in enterprise point-of-sale solutions, today announced that they have teamed up to provide the Seattle Seahawks with cutting edge commerce technology at the Seahawks’ home, CenturyLink Field. With First Data’s integrated solution for Bypass, the two companies are working to revolutionize the fan experience at the stadium, starting with a full-venue deployment of hundreds of Clover point-of-sale devices.

CenturyLink Field and CenturyLink Field Event Center host more than two million people per year, all of whom want to be able to quickly purchase food and beverages so they can make it back to their seats in time for the next play or set. With Clover and Bypass, the concession buying experience becomes quick and convenient for all attendees.

David Young, CenturyLink Field GM & VP of Operations, explained the importance of modernizing their POS solution: “Improving the fan experience was a key factor for upgrading our point-of-sale systems. We want our fans to get their food and drinks quickly, so they spend more time enjoying the game and less time waiting in line.”

To date, the deployment of Clover with Bypass at CenturyLink Field has delighted fans at three concerts, four Seahawks games, and four Seattle Sounders FC matches.

First Data can also provide sports teams with game-changing analytics to help improve sales, marketing, and business development initiatives. With the robust data sets provided by First Data, teams can better understand where their fans are coming from, specific timing of spending, and how attendees are spending their money in the area outside of the stadium.

Payment system integration is often the critical path to high adoption and utilization for both consumers and merchants alike. In this case, stadium fans can order and pay faster, and hopefully avoid the dreaded halftime crush at concession stands. Food and beverage vendors see higher throughput and less lost sales. Meanwhile the customer intelligence and consumption data allow for smarter food and beverage operations management at the hundred or so concession stands through the stadium.

Overview by Raymond Pucci, Associate Director, Research Service at Mercator Advisory Group

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