Field Testing Payments Apps – Where the Mobile Meets the Card

by Ben Jackson 0

Over the next few weeks, Mercator AdvisoryGroup will test and report on a number of payments applicationscompanies have put out as a way to take payments mobile or put themonline. Many of these products convert a plastic card into anelectronic card and store them on a mobile device. Others work todo away with the plastic altogether as a way of simplifying thepurchasing and redemption process.

Much of the mobile activity that I see today in in the realm ofclosed-loop prepaid cards. Companies are finding ways to buy, sell,send, and receive and redeem gift cards with smart phones. Thesecompanies also offer tools to allow issuers to market their cardsto the general public.

Although much of the writing will focus on the consumerexperience, the aim of this series is not simply to provide reviewsof fancy new products. By the end of this, lessons should come outregarding the design, marketing, and business models of newtechnologies being used for customer engagement.

Stay tuned for upcoming company profiles. If you have what youthink is the killer app, please get in touch through the contactlink below.

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