FedEx Offers Prepaid Cards for Customer Loyalty

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

FedEx customers who are regular users of its shipping service can now earn rewards for the things they ship. Customers earn points that they can redeem for the Tango Card, a prepaid card that can be redeemed at a shopping site offering gift cards from merchants, charitable donation links, and cash redemption options.

Tango Card, a Seattle based prepaid card company, recently launched a loyalty and incentive program with FedEx. The program allows FedEx customers to earn rewards for use of FedEx services and products. Once a FedEx customer has earned enough points to redeem for a reward, they can choose to redeem them for an “all-in-one Tango Card”. The Tango Card can be delivered to the FedEx customer via email or through a mobile device, and gives the customer the flexibility to use the reward to select a gift card from a number of premier retailers, donate any portion of the value to a non-profit (such as Habitat For Humanity), or redeem any unused value for cash.

As a rewards program, the Tango Card may introduce some friction by requiring people to redeem their points for a Tango Card and then redeem the Tango card for a reward. However, the ability to redeem the card for a variety of rewards may be enough to overcome that hurdle in the minds of users.

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