Fattmerchant Platform Launches, Providing Companies with Comprehensive, Omni-Channel View of Payments and Transactions

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Payment processingprovider launches new robust dashboard, giving Fattmerchant members access toall their processing information in one place

ORLANDO, Fla. May 23,2017Fattmerchant, a paymentprocessing provider offering transparent pricing and innovative technology,today announces the launch of the Fattmerchant Platform, which providesbusiness owners with an all-in-one look at their processing information as wellas valuable insights to help make smarter financial decisions. With thePlatform, businesses will now have access to Fattmerchant’s proprietarytechnology regardless of the front-end solution they currently use and how theyaccept card payments. The new technology includes analytics, transactionsummaries, weekly reporting, multi-locational data, access to the FattmerchantMarketplace, branded receipts, 24/7 support and the ability to manage multipleusers and roles.

“Allowing business owners to viewevery aspect of their payment processing in one place was consideredunchartered territory up until this point,” said Suneera Madhani, CEO ofFattmerchant. “Companies shouldn’t have to search far and wide to have accessto their own financial information, and this platform is the first time they’llhave it all at their fingertips without having to switch between accounts.”

One of the key features of the Fattmerchant Platform is itsrobust analytics. Businesses using Fattmerchant can use the new software tocheck customer retention, growth rate, average sales and transaction volumes,and sales categorized by day, month and year. All of which will be available ona single dashboard and presented in a big-picture automated email each week.Whether a company’s sales are coming from online gateways, mobile transactionsor in-store purchases, the Fattmerchant platform brings all of this datatogether in one setting.

The Fattmerchant Platform also gives every member access tothe Fattmerchant Marketplace, where business owners can perform a series ofactions through various apps. In the Marketplace, members are able to ordersupplies such as receipt paper or hardware, download the mobile app, enableAutomated Clearing House transactions, access processing statements and batchhistory, manage PCI compliance and even download anti-virus software.

“We’ve listened to what merchants want, and we’re bringingthe human touch back to the financial industry,” continues Madhani. “There hasnever been an omni-channel, adaptable platform for payments and transactions,especially with a dynamic support team attached to it. Our technology is builtexclusively in house, and our members will always have someone to talk to ifthey need it. This is the new era for payment processing, and we’re excited tobe leading the charge.”

Fattmerchant recently launchedits new payment model to better serve businesses of all sizes, includingmicro-merchants transacting less than $7,000 per month. With a customizablemodel and an all-inclusive platform, every business can build a plan with Fattmerchantthat fits their needs. If you would like to learn more about Fattmerchant’s newtechnology, please visit: https://fattmerchant.com/online/

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