Everybody Has Your Data, Not Just Cambridge Analytica

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Run our and change all your passwords now. Then do it again every week or trust that your bank uses more than a password to identify you. This article identifies what your identity is worth on the Dark Web:

“Credit card data is generally sold as two packages — one which provides only numbers, and the other — known as “fullz” — includes information to help verify that criminals are the card owners if they are challenged.

For example, one seller offering US credit card numbers sold each one for between $10 – $12. However, another trader which sold “fullz” packages raised the price to $18.

The credit limit on cards also impacts the cost in the underground. Those with an advertised $5,000 limit are being sold for $450, while a card with a $10,000 limit was spotted on sale for $800. Another with a limit of $15,000 was being touted for $1,000.

While card numbers are big business, access to accounts is also hot property.

According to the researchers, accounts with a balance of roughly $3,000 from Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo are being hawked for $300, while bank login information for accounts belonging to the same banks with balances of up to $15,000 is being sold for between $200 and $1,000.

Armor says:

“US banks may have more global access points to support international travel, increasing the potential points of attack.

In addition, their customers may have higher or more stable balances in their accounts on average than others, making them more attractive targets and contributing to their larger presence on the black market.”

While stolen US dominates the market, UK citizens are far from safe. The details required to access Lloyds Bank accounts with balances of roughly £5000, for example, are on sale for up to £400 each.

PayPal, too, is a target for traders, and their sale prices also depend on their balances.

The researchers found that one seller was offering a verified PayPal account with a balance of $3,000 for $200.

Once these funds have been accessed — most often through the use of money mules — cash can be laundered, spent, or converted.

If customers want to purchase documents for themselves, the Dark Web provides. Counterfeit documents, stolen IDs, and full identity papers are able to be purchased.

US green cards, driving licenses, country visas, and insurance documents are all available for approximately $2000.

Another seller was offering what they called “full profiles” of stolen identities. For the bargain price of $40, the seller would allegedly provide social security numbers, addresses, dates of birth, and less sensitive information such as education and telephone numbers. The same trader also offered to provide background checks.

“All of this sensitive and personal data is potentially damaging on its own, but it can quickly escalate to devastating when combined with fake receipts, IDs, and government documents,” the team notes.”

Overview by Tim Sloane, VP, Payments Innovation at Mercator Advisory Group

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