Ecommerce Merchant Service Provider Throws Hat into Tokenization Ring

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

In an announcement today, merchant account provider identifies statistics from a recent Visa study indicating that 80% of payment card data compromised in breaches originates with small merchants, a number of which operate an online sales channel. The company’s offering comes in anticipation of a mandated inclusion of tokenization and encryption standards within the PCI Data Security Standard.

Simply put, Tokenization is the process of creating a string of random characters called a token (or alias) that acts as a substitute for real data. The original value is maintained in an index database (the vault) and because there is no direct mathematical relationship between the original value and the resulting token, there is no key that can reverse the process to turn the token back into meaningful data – rendering crooks helpless.

“This Tokenization product is so powerful that it comes with a limited warranty that if the token is stolen by an unauthorized user it won’t be able to be used fraudulently against the merchant,” says David Standage, the owner of the credit card merchant account company –

Rather than wait for Tokenization to be mandated, is proactively offering the technology in their new security solution because they believe the system is loaded with security benefits, will vastly reduce the risk of a data breach, as well as, lessen the scope and cost of their PCI security audits – all reasons to choose

Every retailer, restaurant or Internet merchant that accepts debit and credit cards as a form of payment is at risk of hackers and thieves stealing their merchant data. However,, with their newly launched security solution, is proud to provide the peace of mind that these tokens, within their new system, cannot be monetized if exposed or stolen by an unauthorized user – an security solution that any small business can benefit from. provides every type of electronic payment which includes credit card processing, check guarantee, debit cards and gift cards for both retail and Internet merchants. They work with all business types and sizes from home based Internet businesses to mom and pop retail stores, to large national chains. are experts when it comes to providing merchants with poor credit a bad credit merchant account.

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