Discover Connects Rewards Cards with Apple’s Passbook

by Ben Jackson 0

Discover has changed its mobile application to let people redeem their cashback rewards for gift cards that can be loaded into Apple Inc.’s Passbook mobile wallet.

From Mobile Payments Today:

On top of the normal balance check and account summary functionality available on every card brand’s app, Discoverdddx lets users redeem Cashback rewards for gift cards and eCertificates on its app. (As the name implies, Cashback is Discover’s reward program for using its card to make purchases.) Additionally, Discover adds an “Add to Passbook” feature to those eCertificates and gift cards. In effect, Discover is making its Passbook integration into a more wallet-like mobile wallet experience instead of just a storage space for coupons and boarding passes.

The connection to Passbook may make certain Discover rewards more attractive to iPhone users. This may change the how customers choose their rewards and give Discover another marketing message and platform to win customers.

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