Defining–and Achieving–Omnichannel ‘Consistency’

by Edward O'Brien 0

For success with member service delivery, high touch and high tech don’t have to match, but they do have to meet.

When it comes to consumer experiences, consistency through every channel is key, right? The best answer to that question may be the dreaded “Yes, but….”

Think about it. Does it make sense to squeeze everything that a branch can offer onto your digital channels? Maybe, if it’s your website or your online banking platform, viewed on a laptop/desktop. But what if your member is on a 4-inch smartphone screen? Thinking about it in reverse, you also wouldn’t offer remote deposit capture (mobile deposit) to those accessing their accounts with you via a desktop PC.

Not offering every feature through every delivery system isn’t pure consistency, is it? Yet a “consistent” omnichannel experience is still ideal.

A key thing to think about as you try to give members the experiences they expect from each delivery channel is how high- touch (personal) experiences fit together with high tech (delivery using the best and most exciting new technology).

Consistency is an important element in today’s omnichannel banking environment. This includes consistent user interfaces and experiences that meet the expectations of bank customers and credit union members. And while the UI of each device will determine what can and should be displayed, the overall experience should be intuitive for the user and consistent across devices to meet and exceed the needs of banking customers. This why such concepts as responsive and adaptive web design are piquing the interests of today’s FIs.

Overview by Ed O’Brien, Director, Banking Channels Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group

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