Dash Partners with Coinapult to Open Gateway for Regulated Crypto to Fiat Conversion

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PartnershipProvides Instant, Easy Access to Dash Against 20 Currencies, including USD

New York, NY – May 4rd, 2017 – Dash, the rising alternative tobitcoin, is now live on Panamanian-based broker and wallet Coinapult, allowingindividuals and businesses to easily and instantly buy and sell the digitalasset against 20 national currencies. Coinapult’s organic partnership withCrypto Capital, owners of an international money transmitter license, providesa seamless bridge for regulated crypto to fiat conversion for millions ofpeople around the world wanting to buy or sell the popular altcoin, even NewYorkers.

Dash VP of Business DevelopmentDaniel Diaz said, “We have been interested in Coinapult and Crypto Capital fora long time, and were just waiting for the right time. This integration ismassive for current and future Dash users because they really solve the questionon how to buy and sell Dash in an easy and safe way using fiat. You get adigital currency on/off ramp that is directly connected with a fullyfunctioning money-transmitting platform similar to online banking. Youget your own segregated account with Crypto Capital, which is fully integratedwith Coinapult, and you wire funds from your current bank to your CryptoCapital account. Rather than wiring funds to a third-party exchange directly,you are in control of all the accounts involved in the wire transfer process.With less risk and less friction holding and storing value on Dash becomessafer if you add to this the fact that Dash has fast and inexpensivetransactions, you get a great overall user experience.”

While Dash’s 2017 rise has been well documented, with its market cap up 8x andits trading volumes up 5x (from January 1 to May 3), the integration withCoinapult is expected to further increase demand.

CEO of Coinapult, Gabe Sukenik said, “Giving the Dash economy access to CryptoCapital via Coinapult could be a significant step forward for the liquidity ofDash for bank-settled fiat currency. Even in the midst of significant bankingdifficulties for bitcoin companies broadly, Crypto Capital has continued toservice individuals and businesses that need access to bitcoin-friendlyinternational wire settlement. Dash users now can directly buy or sell Dash infiat, using Crypto Capital and Coinapult.”

Coinapult and Crypto Capital’s alliance extends to bitcoin users too, and it’saccepted fiat currencies include USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, JPY, CNY, HKD (HongKong Dollar), TRY (Turkish Lira), CZK (Czech Republic Koruna), and the PLN(Polish Zloty). Coinapult’s user base has increased 300% in the past 18 months.

Diaz added, “The way it works is you need to open an account with Coinapult,you immediately get a working Dash wallet you can deposit Dash to. On the otherhand you also need to open an account with Crypto Capital, being a moneytransmitter you go through a straightforward KYC process and when you are doneyou officially get your own account with online access. Then you just link yourCoinapult user with your account and can start depositing money to your CryptoCapital account and transfer it instantly to Coinapult to buy Dash. The moneyin your Crypto Capital account is always available to you to wire out usingyour online platform. They service users in the US and even in places like NewYork so we are very excited for users that will now have a great option to buyand sell Dash in a friendly way.”

Dash’s integration onto Coinapult comes at the same time the team makes severalkey hires. Dash has hired six more C++ developers, each with incrediblebackgrounds, who earned full time positions against a talent pool of over 50applicants, several interview rounds and multiple code reviews. This brings thedevelopment team to over 20.

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