Coca-Cola Vending Machines Now Enabled to Accept Payments Via Google Wallet

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Coca-Cola is introducing a collaborative program with Google Wallet that will enable consumers to pay for a drink with their mobile device at 200 vending machines located across the United States. In addition, this application will help users identify vending machines that are nearby. This program is only one part of Coke’s attempt to further develop its mobile presence.

In Europe, Coca-Cola’s Fanta rolled out a voice transformer app that let users play a prank on their friends. The app changed the user’s voice. For example, if the person was male they could change their voice to sound female…

Additionally, Coca-Cola rolled out Chok, a mobile application to Hong Kong consumers. The objective of the app was to get users to collect bottle caps from the Coca-Cola TV commercial they were watching. Users were encouraged to download the Chok app and when they saw the Coke bottle cap flying out from the TV commercial, they could “catch” it with their mobile device and then shake their handset for a chance to win prizes and rewards.

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