Clutch Rises to Challenge Apple’s Passbook on the iPhone

by Ben Jackson 0

Clutch is a new, free iPhone application that connects to Apple’s Passbook, and like Passbook allows users to store gift and loyalty cards, coupons, daily deals and social gifting. Despite integrating to Passbook, it seems to be a direct competitor to the app.

Consumers can also make purchases within the app, which integrates with Apple’s Passbook. The app’s integration with Facebook enables users to quickly access their friends’ wish lists. When purchasing an e-gift card through the app, consumers can personalize it with a video, photo and/or message for each gift recipient, making the experience less transactional.

The mobile wallet continues to develop, but Clutch’s integration to things like Facebook and the ability to tie purchases to add-ons like personalized messages show that mobile wallet applications can and should think beyond merely facilitating payments. While security and privacy issuers remain, it is clear that simple payments are too narrow a goal for mobile wallets.

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