Click-to-buy Advertising Proponents and the Holidays

by George Peabody 0

The site has been delivering analmost daily dose of merchant m-commerce initiatives.Most dwell inthe territories of mobile merchandising and loyalty.As consumersbecome more accustomed to online payments, they’re now more likelyto spend via their mobile devices – provided the target advertisingis crisp and the payment experience itself is smooth.Retailers likeAmazon have gotten that one wired.Amazon’s mobile store and MP3apps have the experienced nailed. I think of them as the apps Ihate to love given how much I spend that way.I bought a chainsawfrom my bed at 11 o’clock one night that way!

This article, for retailers without the reach and paymentdata storehouse of an Amazon, suggests that targeted offers with a”click-to-buy” front end reduce purchasing friction.While that’slikely the case, the payment experience behind the “click-to-buy”step (or, on a mobile phone, more likely a “tap-to-buy” activity)has got to be smooth.And there’s the challenge.Entering credit carddata on a mobile handset is:

  1. Not easy
  2. Not smooth
  3. Potentially nerve wracking for those who don’t trust themobile channel security.Mercator consumer data shows that’s half ofus.So, that’s a problem.

A PayPal account connection might be easier to swallow.Given PayPal’s global reach, even Google has added it to theAndroid marketplace to broaden its mobile apps reach.With PayPal,there’s also less data to enter on that mobile screen.Perhaps evenan 800 number will work for the click-to-buy proposition.But if thecost of the item is below $20-and that may be the sweet spot fornow-is a call center-based transaction worthwhile?

Mobile payments are easiest when the merchant already hasour payment on file.Amazon, Google, PayPal, and Apple have theirown storehouses of payment credentials which they’ve used toadvantage.The mobile channel is in need of better ways of payingthan entering card and personal data each time we make a mobilepurchase. That gets old quickly if we transact with many differentmerchants.

“Are consumers ready to click-to-buy?
Consumers are generally ready to buy via their mobile devices.However, it depends on what is being advertised.

Mr. Dave Gwozdz, CEO of Mojiva, New York said that lower-costitems tend to have a higher purchase rate, as it takes the userless time to consider the expense and make the decision to buy.

However, regardless of the price point, if the campaign is highlytargeted and appeals to that specific user, he or she will beinterested in the click-to-buy experience.”

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