Citi Gets Into the Business of Flu Shots With Maxim Health

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Stack of credit cards

Citi has teamed up with Maxim Health System to offer a card good for flu shots to businesses who want to help their employees get vaccinated. Cardholders can redeem the cards for flu shots only at 25,000 pharmacies and clinics around the country.

In addition, Citi uses patent-pending technology to ensure that only flu vaccinations can be purchased. This breakthrough capability both eliminates the need for prepayment and gives employers greater funding control and overall healthcare cost reduction.

What is not clear from the press release is how the funds are loaded onto the card. It says that no pre-funding is required, which would seem to indicate that the card functions either as a credit or decoupled debit card. Still, the program shows how cards can be put to use in a variety of ways and how filtering can change the way cards are used to deliver benefits, incentives, and other values to cardholders.

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