China Starts Asking New Cellphone Users for ID

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

China is now requiring all existing mobile phone users toprovide their ID information if they have not done so already. And new userswon’t not be allowed to open a new mobile phone account without presentingtheir ID and registering their personal information. The goal is to bettercontrol the mobile phone uses as anonymous prepaid mobile phone accounts arecommonly used in phishing frauds. A side effect is that this might make it moreconvenient for mobile operators to offer mobile banking and services to alltheir users now that they know the identity of each of the users, satisfyingthe banking requirements such as the KYC rule and anti-money laundering rules.

The measure went into effect Wednesday, with customer-servicerepresentatives at mobile operators China Mobile Ltd., China Unicom (Hong Kong)Ltd. and China Telecom Corp. telling customers that new users would need toprovide proof of their identity when signing up for new phone numbers. Statemedia said all existing users will eventually need to register as we


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