CashPlus Promotes MasterCard Prepaid Cards for Fleet Management in the UK

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Cashplus, a UK-based prepaid company, is promoting the use of general purpose prepaid cards for refueling fleet cards to provide flexibility and security.

A prepaid card is the answer for many fleet managers and their drivers, as these cards provide access to fuel from any petrol station that accepts MasterCard® – that’s thousands of locations right across the UK and Europe. And as for the issue of fraud, prepaid cards such as those provided by Cashplus, come with free 24/7 online access to real-time transactions and balance. And that increased control should be a significant help in reducing the risk of fraud.

The prepaid MasterCard also provides better control to the fleet managers:

… at the fleet manager’s discretion, the card could be set up to allow out of pocket expenses – such as garage, breakdown and recovery bills or even unexpected hotel bills if a journey has to be extended.

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