Cardtronics Launches ATMpass

by Edward O'Brien 0

Cardtronincs, theworld’s largest retail ATM owner / operator, has launched ATMpass, a membershipprogram that gives consumers surcharge-free cash access at thousands ofparticipating ATM locations.

ATMpass was developed to give consumers the freedom tochoose convenient ATM cash access, independent of their financial institution’sATM network. With an ATMpass membership, users can obtain surcharge-free cashon-the-go at premier retailers where they already shop, saving time and money.

How ATMpass Works

Consumers may purchase monthly, quarterly or annual ATMpassmemberships on the ATMpass website at then link their ATM card directly to their ATMpass account. When a userinitiates a transaction using his or her linked card at an ATMpass ATM, the ATMsurcharge fee for that

Banking customers’awareness of, and interest in, accessing surcharge-free ATMs is clearly a hottopic. And this trend, which has been reportedin Mercator Advisory Group’s past two annual ATM Market Benchmark report andrecent CustomerMonitor survey results, is on the upswing. The majority of banking customers say theyabhor paying ATM transaction fees, and seek out ways to avoid these feeswhenever possible.

Overview by Ed O’Brien, Director, Banking Channels for Mercator Advisory Group

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