Cardlytics Wins First Credit Card Portfolio

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Well known for its transaction-based incentive platform in debit card/online DDA programs, Cardlytics recently signed its first credit card issuer, First National Bank Of Omaha for the system. The basic operation of the system, whether debit or credit based, is as follows:

Cardlytics’ transaction marketing platform is unique in that offers are based on actual transaction data stored in account holders’ online banking statements, which ensures that incentives are truly relevant to each recipient. Offers are presented directly beneath line individual transaction records reviewed by customers each time they visit their own online banking statement.

By “clicking” on the offers, account holders choose to activate or “accept” rewards before redeeming them at a number of national, regional and local retailers. Because coupons or promotion codes are not required, offers are automatically redeemed when customers use their qualifying cards to make purchases according to the offers’ conditions.

First National Bank of Omaha could gain first mover advantage as the first credit card issuer to use the technology.

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