Card Manufacturer Turning Out 1 Million Gift Cards a Week

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Payleven now is partnering with Apple to sell its chip-and-PIN mPOS solution in the tech giant’s retail stores and on its website. Along with a similar previous agreement with mobile network operator Telefonica O2 Germany, payleven has announced that it expects more such partnerships to follow.

From The Next Web:

The company says Apple has chosen to retail payleven’s card reader thanks to its “high security standards, market potential and availability in several European core markets”. Aside from Brazil, payleven is currently available in Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, The Netherlands and Poland.

Apple has been carrying Square mPOS solutions in its stores for two years, but payleven is the only chip-and-PIN solution to establish such an agreement with Apple. As many mPOS solutions are kept intentionally simple in order to reduce cost to the minimum level, these partnerships are one of the few effective ways to differentiate one solution from another. With most products offering relatively similar services, merchants often make decisions between solutions based on the brand with which they feel most comfortable. For a vendor, establishing a relationship between its solution and a trusted retailer like Apple is a major step in establishing that comfort.

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