Canadian Company Helps Smartphone Users Make Their Cards Virtual

by Mercator Advisory Group 0

Fanbox, a loyalty company based in Quebec, announced it is has created a mobile application that enables users to load loyalty and gift cards onto their smartphones.

As mobile solutions have become progressively more integrated in a variety of sectors, consumers expect to do increasingly more with their smartphones. Instead of having a wallet full of plastic cards, consumers can now, thanks to MS2 MOBILE, collect loyalty points or make purchases at participating merchants with loyalty and gift cards viewed on their smartphones. These virtual cards, accessible via the web or through a mobile app (retailer’s choice), allow users to make purchases and accumulate loyalty points, as well as consult their profile in real-time (card balances, total points banked, etc.).

While the application will appeal to smartphone users, Fanbox will need to make sure that companies have the ability to accept cards from smartphones. At the same time card issuers will need to make sure that their customers are savvy smartphone users in order to make the program successful.

Click here to read the press release.

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